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Top showrooms that sell classic cars

When we talk about classic cars is impossible not to look over the ocean in the great place of America. When you say classic cars in America you say Peter Mullin. The great owner of Mullin Automotive Museum is one of the biggest fans in history when it comes to classic cars. He owns a great collection of classic cars and all kind of historical vehicles.

The collection includes the famous Talbot-Lago care, which won the title for the best classic car in history in 2015 at the 7th edition of the Classic Cars Rally in Carmel, California.

Now, if we are still in America, we have to speak about Heritage Classics Motorcar Company too, which is the biggest classic cars showroom in Los Angeles. The sell classic cars for over 25 years and the own a 10.000 square foot Southern California Showroom where you can find dozens of cars.

Over 3,000 classic cars were sold by RK Motors Charlotte too in the whole world. For example, they had a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/COUPE sold with 10.499.900 dollars in 2016. This car made the top sales inventory in 2016. This showroom is considered by many to be the best classic car dealer and also the best muscle car showroom in the world.

An over 44.000 square foot Showroom you can find in Tinley Park too, belonging to Gateway Classic Cars. This is just one of those 14 locations opened in America. They have Showrooms in St. Louis, Louisville, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Tampa, Orlando, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, Nashville, Dallas, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Atlanta.

Hemmings is another Showroom, or maybe we should say a showroom network, with a lot of stores and even a printed magazine, called Hemmings Motor News, that keep the customers and the salesmen informed about the market place of classic cars.


We can talk about classic cars in Europe too. The first step in this journey is VIP Classics. This is a site where you can find over 60 different models of classic cars and buy them from those 3 showrooms promoted on the platform.  Here you will find dealers specialized in AFFORDABLE Vintage and Classic Automobiles, judging by the site.

E&R Classics is another showroom based in The Netherlands, that sold over 3.500 classic cars.

Another great showroom of classic and exotic cars is ECC – European Classic Cars, based in Wiltshire, England. Over a decade of experience in the automotive field, especially in classic cars drove the boys from ECC not only selling classic cars, but restoring them as well. They buy from anywhere all over the world and restore cars and entire collections, and then sell them at a very good price on the classic car market.


More about classic cars you can discover even in Romania. There are many showrooms in Romania as well, but, as we like to say, not all that glitters is gold, so we have to ensure you about the quality of the offers, the cars and the price too, and in Romania the best seller of classic cars and exotic brands is Grand Auto Traders.

We have years of experience behind and we have sold dozens of cars to customers from all over the world, with 100% customer satisfaction. More than 2000 cars were sold from our showroom and classic cars represented a great percent of the sales we made.

We have a special know how in our strategy. We buy in large quantity so you can buy from us in non-expensive way. We have all kind of special vehicles and motors and we sell even airplanes and helicopters (at Grand Motor Traders).

With more than 20 years of experience in automotive field, we learned to respect our customers and we assure you that at Grand Auto Traders you will find your preferred car and you will learn to drive your pleasure.

If you like a little bit of adventure, maybe you want to look in the Grand Motor Traders inventory too. You can find there more than classic and exotic cars. You can find almost any kind of vehicle for you.

More than 1000 clients worldwide received attention from GMT, and more than 150 countries are listen in our market place. We try to offer a unique experience to our customers by implementing a professional selling system, based on customer oriented services, 24/24 support and proven expertise.

We also offer the best price on the market and that represents a total pleasure for the customers to work with us.

For more details or for a test drive with your exotic car you can contact us.



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