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Top car sales around the world in 2016

Auto market is rapidly growing in recent period of time and the car sales charts are becoming more and more variable. For example, in 2016 (from January to September), the acquisition of new cars increased sharply in China, India and Europe.

The automotive field has improved increasing car sales by a third in China, while the Indian market place was expanded by a fifth. During the first semester of the year, China sold with 18% more cars than in 2015. In India the auto sales market grew by 9% and in Europe has reached nearly 8%.

Which was the situation in 2015 in the automotive marketplace? How it shows in 2016?

Although there were wide swings in the performances of various car brands in 2015 sales, the only change in the top-ten of car sales field was Mercedes Benz, who entered place 10, in front of Volkswagen.  But this change was indeed significant. Mercedes Benz was the best-selling German luxury car brand worldwide. This change took effect in 2016 as well. In the first three quarters of 2016, Mercedes Benz raised their sales by 12%. In the first nine months of 2016 (From January to September) Mercedes sold 1,537,921, changing the market share with 11.7% from the same period of the year 2015.

Another great chart is about Volkswagen Group, that report a change of market share by 2.4% in 2016, selling 7,609,400 cars worldwide, with 10.5% more that in 2015. More than that, Volkswagen Group includes Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, MAN and Scandia.

BMW also increased its car sales by 6.2%, raising the record to 1,746,638 cars, in which 1,479,938 BMWs (+6.2%), 264,077 Minis (+7.2), and 2,625 Rolls Royce cars (+0.8%). A great piece of information about BMW is represented by the market share in China. China represents the most important single-country market for BMW, with a growing of 17%.

The same success in the first three quarters of 2016 is shared by Porsche. They sold 178,314 cars, compared to 173,085 in the same period of 2015. In China the sales of Porsche increased by 11% to 49,229 cars.


Best-selling car brand in Europe in 2016

                We have a lot of information about sales in Europe in the years 2015 – 2016, but the most interesting piece of info is about the position of DACIA on the market. This autochtonal brand from Romania is on 13th place on the best-selling car brand in Europe, having a 2.8% share market both in 2015 and 2016, selling almost 223,000 cars.

The first position in car sales in Europe is far away occupied by Volkswagen Group, followed by PSA Group, which includes Peugeot and Citroen. Then, the third position is represented by Renault Group. With the exception of Mitsubishi, which was the worst-preforming car brand in Europe during the first half of 2016, all the remaining brands selling over 20,000 cars outperformed the market.


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Most popular Historical and Classic cars sold in 2016 in Germany

The Classic and Historical niche of cars registered in Germany in 2016 increased, gathering 343,958 cars, compared to 310,694 cars in 2015. 83,304 of those cars are Mercedes Benz models, followed by 64,677 of Volkswagen models and 21,305 Porsche cars. Another honorable position is represented by Triumph cars that are in number of 6,642.

The composition of this list remained unchanged for the past three years. More of three quarters of Historical and Classic cars sold are from top ten brands on the car sales market. The only surprise on the list is Triumph, which managed to climb onto 10th place, beating Audi (trying for some years to go on top ten).

The best seller brands in Historical and Classic cars are: Volkswagen Kafer (Beetle) with 32,750 cars sold, followed by Mercedes Benz W123 with 17,534 models and Mercedes SLR 107 with 11,325 cars. After those models Porsche managed to sell 10,498 of 911’s / 912’s and Volkswagen managed to sell 7,736 models of VW Bus.


Germany – Electric and Hybrid car sales.           

                A short example of selling Electric and Hybrid cars is the first quarter of 2016 in Germany. There where sold 2,332 Electric cars (477 on January, 751 on February and 1,104 on March) and 10,389 Hybrid models (2,814 on January, 3,530 on February and 4,045 on March).

January has been an unlucky month for Electric and Hybrid sellers, but in February the sales registered a 72% growth. Although, the 2016 year is a much weaker year than other years ago, in the same period for selling Electric and Hybrid cars.

New Electric and Hybrid vehicle registrations for the first quarter of 2016 in Germany amounted to only 12,721 cars compared to 402,438 petrol and 374,747 diesel cars. This gave Electric and Hybrid cars a below 0,5% share of the total German new car market.


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