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Rolls Royce – the epitome of British motoring available now at Grand Auto Traders

Rolls Royce was considered the ultimate luxury vehicle for decades, with a great and fearless reputation all over the world. An entry level car from the Rolls Royce range worth’s around a quarter million dollars. The top models of the manufacturer easily outstrip a half million dollars.

Rolls Royce easily prides itself with the best interior materials and the highest level of comfort in the car, on the road. Rolls Royce is considered to be the world’s finest vehicle at this time. One of the first things you can notice about Rolls Royce when you’re driving it is how smooth it is on a long journey. Although it is well calibrated, you can still feel the road between those 400 horsepower or more.

It navigates well and it’s smoother driving, and you can feel the speed even if Rolls Royce weights over 2.5 tons. You wouldn’t expect that a car of this caliber can go so fast. This car can actually speed up to 300 km/h and can reach 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds. Well that’s really impressive.

Have a nice view of this car and look more closely at the details in this review video! 

At Grand Auto Traders we can make the dream of having a Rolls Royce true for you. We can deliver you almost any kind of model at your demand, having a great stock of models and managing a delivery in no time. We have a big stock of Rolls Royce cars, because our customers really love this car.

Try the new Rolls Royce just for you!

Try to prepare yourself for your guilty pleasure of fulfilling your greatest dream and drive such a great limousine.  You can contact us and request an offer and we will make sure that we can deliver you your favorite model of Rolls Royce, the ultimate luxury limousine.

We can manage the more sophisticated models as well, as the great and well-known model of Rolls Royce Phantom. Just give it a try!

At the same time you should know that we can deliver any kind of car at the lowest price on the market because we buy them like an entire car fleet and we can obtain the lowest price from the dealers. We only collaborate with the most trustworthy vehicle dealers, so we can deliver you the model you want at the same best price on the market.

Luxurious, exclusive and exquisite, all the models of Rolls Royce are the perfect cars for owners who desires are strictly related to some wealthy and luxurious style of living and a spirited driving experience.

Rolls Royce Phantom – the epitome of British royal class

The Phantom model of Rolls Royce is a car that made history. Based on a 453-hp 6.8-liter V-12 with an eight-speed automatic, it flaunts a 0-to-60 time of less than six seconds. In the interior, it offers a nearly unlimited options list of features.

As you would expect, the entire car is built by hand in England. The Phantom is the symbol of Rolls Royce, and like any other emblem, it has a suggestive price, starting at nearly 380.000 dollars.

rolls royce

With an exquisite interior, built up with the highest quality standard materials, you can lose yourself in the aura of comfort and performance.



The manufacturer of Rolls Royce can praise themselves with the record of the lowest number of recalls

While other brands like were preparing to make recalls of millions, the British Rolls-Royce went up in history with another record: the lowest recall ever made. It’s a Rolls-Royce Ghost model 2015 manufactured on January 23, 2014. The NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in North America, published a call in service for this car which apparently has trouble with the airbags. More specifically, it’s a problem with the side airbags in the seats. In a side impact they might not provide sufficient security.

So, if you ever want to try this pure delight of traveling in a royal vehicle, you know where to find us. We can manage any kind of demand on such vehicles and we can deliver to you a great area of models at the fastest time. Contact GAT for a personalized offer of such a beauty!  

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