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Range Rover Sport – the new ultimate sport car


The Range Rover Sport demands to be driven – by you; let’s guide you now through the masterpiece that is Range Rover Sport, letting you know everything that can be said about this vehicle.

With a top speed of up to 250kph provided by the various powerful engines, Range Rover Sport is one dynamic, agile and most important, an extraordinarily capable vehicle, ready to satisfy you on and off-road journeys – no matter the challenge.


From the Ingenium 2.0L SD4 Diesel engine which delivers impressive fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to the 3.0L SDV6 Hybrid Diesel, made for class-leading capability, and to the powerful 5.0L V8 Supercharged Petrol engine, the Range Rover Sport is definitely ready to give you the driving experience you’ve always wanted, even if it’s on-road or off-road – this vehicle will not disappoint you.

The Land Rover Hybrid combines the 3.0L V6 Diesel engine and an electric motor to deliver a maximum power output of 260kW (354PS), making the driving simple and intuitive as you can automatically switch between the engine and the electric motor. Furthermore, the hybrid system delivers increased efficiencies in urban environments and on country lanes, making it perfect for any type of driver – Range Rover Sport molds after your preferences and doesn’t fail to impress.

True street art and masterpiece of a design – the new Range Rover Sport

Regarding the body and chassis, the Range Rover Sport is all about strength, stability and sustainability, features given by the, industry first, all-aluminum monocoque body. This, above all, improves speed, agility and fuel efficiency. Pressed, cast and extruded aluminum is used in creating this weight efficient body, ensuring strength and stiffness. Range Rover Sport Hybrid is the first diesel hybrid SUV in the world, delivering outstanding versatility and capability. Absolutely nothing is lost in ground clearance, approach and departure angles by fully integrating the hybrid battery and associated components into the chassis. The four modes provided by the hybrid SUV let you tailor the vehicle and its performances to your own requirements, thus driving the car you want to drive, the way you want to drive it.

The Hill Descent Control (HDC) assists the driver with controlled descents when facing difficult slopes by maintaining a constant speed and applying brakes separately to each wheel – automatically slowing the vehicle and maintaining your desired speed. Even more, the Wade Sensing System measures the water depth, while crossing a stream, a ford or negotiating floodwater, using sensors placed on the underside of the door mirrors while also providing real-time information. The correct knowledge regarding all these factors is provided by the Wade Sensing System via a Touchscreen so you will drive your vehicle appropriately.

The Range Rover Sport offers the option of a Meridian Reference Sound System that includes 22 speakers and a subwoofer, 22 channels incorporating the Trifield 3D technology, cumulating 1700 Watts. Along the astonishing sound system, the Range Rover Sport offers Climate Control and Mood Lighting – no matter the weather outside, inside your vehicle it will always be the way you want it, thus making it perfect for long-time journeys. You’ll love the time you’ll spend in this car.

The new features of Range Rover

Driver Aids are a feature that does not disappoint, Range Rover Sport providing you with Blind Spot Monitoring, Park Assist and Advanced Tow Assist – therefore making your journey easier and much safer. Also, one of the most important features of the Range Rover Sport is the Powered Gesture Tailgate – all you have to do is to move your foot up and down beneath either sensor on the sides of the vehicle to simply open the tailgate, no physical contact required. The Automatic Access Height lowers the vehicle by up to 50mm when parked, for easier entry and exit, ensuring the driver leaving any function in the most relaxed manner possible, and combined with the Soft Door Close, which minimizes the noise made by the shutting of the doors, makes the getting in and out of the vehicle a refined action, despite the vehicle being a Sport.

As most of our vehicles, we possess a large stock of Range Rover Sport, as we also provide a fast delivery in the most professional way, to ensure you have a refined experience while driving the Range Rover Sport for the first time – as soon as possible. Contact us for a personalized offer!

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