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The new model of perfection: Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 – the authentic SUV!

This year brings in scene a new era for Toyota fans. The new Toyota Land Cruiser is ready to explore the world. A real monster with a 5.7 liter, V8 – 8 step transmission motor is getting his way on the automotive market.

After 60 years of manufacturing, Toyota is ready to unleash the perfection on the roads. A full-capacity off road monster, with an unparalleled refinement and on road 5 star comfort is ready to share your experiences.


The new monster – motor! – Toyota Land Cruiser 2017


The new Land Cruiser has an overwhelming 32 – valve V8 motor that develops a 381 horsepower and 400 lb torque. This is pure power getting you to explore every corner of the world in total safe conditions and no worries about the off road challenges.

Based on a double-wishbone suspension with coil springs and stabilizer bar up front and a 4-link rear suspension with coil springs, stabilizer bar and semi-floating axle in the rear, the new Land Cruiser will be the best SUV at the moment, judging by the stability and handling on off road trails.

Beside the powerful and the great specs of the technological part, the 2017 Land Cruiser has a cavernous 81.7 cubic feet of cargo capacity and 8 seats. When it comes to safety, all those 8 persons are in full condition of safety, because the car ha 10 airbags and a Star Safety System, that includes 6 safety commands: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Active Traction Control (A-TRAC), Multi terrain 4 wheel Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA) and Smart Stop Technology (SST).


For the new Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 safety is first!


It is so full of sensors and spot monitors, that when you have a car on your side a Blind Spot Monitor is warning you with an indicator on the appropriate mirror to help you know when it’s safe to change the lane. The safety of its passengers it’s at top level, so the SUV is equipped with Head-impact protection structure with energy-absorbing soft upper interior trim as well. It even has a highly rigid body structure with side-impact door beams on it.

With the new Land Cruiser you will be up front and the top of the scene will be covered by you and your car. You will shine like a star using the LED elements for both the low and high beams. This function will offer you a bright, efficient light when you need it.

The distinctive look of your car is fully completed by the LED taillights.

This is a special car for a special owner. For this beautiful model (NEW ONE) you can scratch the bottom of your pocket for more than 80.000 dollars, but trust us: it’s worth it!

This year Toyota managed to vastly improve the fuel consumption and beneath that, the new Land Cruiser will be available in a 2.8 liter turbo diesel motor too. This motor will be able to produce a 175 horsepower with 330 pound of torque.

This new Land Cruiser now comes with Crawl Control and Turn assist functions as standard options to ensure that it will remain the best performing off-road SUV in the automotive market at the moment.

Also, the car will be available with 4.0 and 4.6 liter motor on 6 and 8 cylinders.


The special bonus for this year – by Toyota Land Cruiser 2017


Beside all this cool stuff that this car has, the most likeable thing about this car is the consumption. The reviews on the topic say the truth about this aspect. The car barely exceeds 10 liter per 100 km (the IC/OC average of consumption). It may take you 12 or 14 liters on off road track and 7 to 10 liters in the city.

Well, that’s the SUV that you want do drive all the day long. That’s a car that weights 2615 kg and has a 187 cm height, with 197 cm width and 492 cm length. That’s a lot of steel and iron made muscle SUV for only 10 liters of fuel.



We would love to offer you the great experience of Toyota Land Cruiser 2017


We look forward to offer you this beautiful model if you take the decision to take a ride with this SUV. Here, at Grand Auto Traders, we are excited to offer the best prices and experiences to our customers. This includes the newest offers on the automotive market and the really best prices on the car sales market.

We are here to sell you only the best cars and in the most convenient conditions. We like when we can deliver you the opportunity to DRIVE YOUR PLEASURE!

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