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The new model of Ford Raptor F-150- BEST PRICE on the market!

The automotive market is more and more attractive in the past few years. New brands and models are fighting for the highest place at the table of the big players in the car sales market.

In this tumultuous era, the new Ford Raptor perfectly complements the place in this giant picture of luxury and distinction. Well, when it comes to high-performance off-road pickups, the new RAPTOR has its place well determined.

The performance of the new FORD RAPTOR

We can talk about this friendly giant as the first of its class to be an EcoBoost only model. With a V6 3.5 Liter engine with twin turbochargers and direct fuel injections, this has to be the car that drives anyone crazy. And it should be like this. It should be like this because that new fuel system, because of those updates on the cylinder heads and internals and on the dual – exhaust system with twin outlets welded in the rear bumper.

The new model of Ford Raptor is the first model that has a full 10-speed automatic transmission and a new four-wheel-drive transfer case, which is great for programming the car for various situations: off road driving, mud, driving on the snow or on any kind of rough road situation.

This full automatic system brings you in the scene a great powerful muscle care ready for off road and controlled via a system that offers you stability control and driving guidance for your new pickup.

The new set of 17 inch wheels with 35 inch-tall BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s and the much greater suspension, reinforced with monstrous aluminum control arms up front and back, the new model of RAPTOR really hits the top of a pick-up value on the SUV and off road category.

Big, sweet and fast – The new Ford Raptor F-150 SuperCab

If you do your homework and make some little research, you will find out that the new models of Ford Raptor are available in some extra-class variants: Regular, SuperCab or SuperCrew. At the same time, you can choose even between a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost or a 5.0L V8 FFV Engine. Also, there is another option as well, the 2.7L V6 EcoBoost.

All you should know about the new models of Raptor is that it will all allow you to fly this giant at a thundering speed of 140 miles / hour (on a 450hp EcoBoost V6 engine) and you can get from 0 to 60 in just 5.5 seconds.        

So you can now enjoy a relaxing and challenging off road drive with all your friends, feeling at the same time the power of a real pick-up. Go fancy and go fast with this new model of Ford Raptor F-150!

The safety of a new Ford Raptor F-150

As we talk about this kind of cars, big, fast and powerful, we should remember every time about a primordial characteristic we should have in mind: the safety rating. The Raptor has a Driver Airbag, 4 wheel disk brakes, 4 wheel drum brakes, front and rear drum brakes, a nice brake assist system and an electronic stability center.

It is equipped with 8 airbags and a full ABS system. Also, it has an Emergency Trunk Release and all kinds of sensors, like: blind spot monitors, auto leveling headlights, child safety locks and integrated turn signal mirrors. So the new model of Ford Raptor has everything that it should, to be a safe and strongly equipped car perfect for you and your family.

And now… the element of surprise: The price of the new Ford Raptor!

The new model of Ford Raptor starts from 40.000 – 50.000 and can go up to 75.000 euro. But if you want a really special car at a special offer, you may want to contact Grand Auto Traders and obtain the best price on the market for a Ford Raptor.


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