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The new BMW X5 3.5i – The ultimate safe and elegant SUV!

What will you chose when you want to be elegant on an off road trip?

Nowadays, all automotive brands, but especially the car dealers, promote their products like there’s no other solution on the car market beside their cars. We don’t do that. We only ask you one question: What will you chose when you want to be elegant on an off road trip and with what costs?

There are all kinds of cars that combine the elegant style with the power and the attitude of a real crossover, but not all that vehicles do this with the perfection which BMW has done it.

The X5 3.5i is the greatest car ever made for an elegant off road challenge. We don’t have to sustain that, because the customers did it long time ago. The perfect and overwhelming specifications that ensure you of this are, in the first place, his 300 horsepower motor and his 5.8 second performance in which it gets to 100 km/h. Well, that’s power. And when we talk about elegance, let’s see its interior of leather and all his stylish goodies, like: xDrive system, heated seats, DVD player, sensors with camera surround system, climate system and all that navigation and full automatic on board devices.

The luxury and sumptuousness of this car is indubitable and the performance is at the finest level for a car sold at a price of approximate 70.000 euro (for a brand new model).

If we stand and analyze better this car, at its 3000 cmc motor and 8.1 reports automatic transmission, this car is the perfect equipped balanced car for an outstanding challenge.

The best motivation for buying a BMW X5 3.5i for off road trips

This car is a truly fuel economical car, consuming about 10 liters per 100 km (mixt consumption). With its 85 liter fuel tank, you can walk around 800 km with a fuel. Isn’t that awesome?  Imagine yourself in a full automatic SUV with a 306 horsepower under the hood, running at a max speed of 235 km/h on a free and no obstacle road, onto your dream vacation.

Imagine yourself driving a 6 cylinders in queue with 4 valves per cylinder motor in a monster SUV that weights almost three tons, measures in length 4854 mm and in width 1933 mm. That’s a really good sensation and an overwhelming experience.

When it comes to comfort, this car is another perfect solution. It is a perfect solution because of its 5 passenger seats and his 103 cubic ft. passenger volume. It has a 2933 mm distance between the axles. It has enough space for your feet and per total is a very smooth riding car, even in sport mode.

Driving this SUV in hardcore mode! BMW X5 3.5i on the road.

For an SUV, the car is handling very well, having an xDrive system with 4×4 and all wheel drive system. The huge tires of this car are helping it to deliver the performance on the track when you want to push the limit out of it. It has a front and rear tire size of 255/55 and 18in.

When you want to go off road with this SUV is better that you forget the electronic steering if you want to feel a really off road experience with a crossover. You may need to muscle the steering wheel a little bit, but that will be a really great experience with a lot of adrenaline.

The safety factor in a BMW X5 3.5i

This is an important subject in all car selling discutions. The safety of the driver and passengers is one of the primordial factors that influences all the customers in buying or not a car.

The BMW X5 3.5i is a car equipped with a full suite of airbags and the safety is on the first plan. This is a well known characteristic for all BMW cars.

Value is definitely the key element in automotive purchase decisions and this is more variate from one customer to another, but BMW X5 3.5i is a car that is fighting to provide all the specs of a real crossover at the maximum standard of quality. So the value is its list at every chapter and every specification of this car is offering you a high level experience and this car makes a  strong case for  value and velocity. Try to remember that when you want to buy a car for an overwhelming experience both on the city road and on off road track.


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