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Important car dealers on the automotive market

Grand Auto Traders represent 20 years of experience in automotive and performance in selling a wide range of cars for all kinds of customers. We have developed a professional strategy in selling cars all around the world, based on a defined goal: the satisfaction of our clients.

We develop all our transactions through a powerful know – how built in time. We have strong, long term relations, based on authenticity, sustainability, unity and customer orientation, with many car manufacturers and dealers all around the world.

We only work with the biggest car dealers in the world!

We work only with the biggest importers and automotive dealers in some cases even car factories. That’s why we can put at the disposal of our customers any model of car at the best price on the market.

We like to develop long term relations with our clients and partners, that’s why we bring value to them in return of loyalty. In all the years we have learned that business is not all about the money you make, but business is about making people happy and offering performance and professionalism in your area.

Our inventory matches a wide range of classic cars, family vehicles, muscle cars and even trucks. We also can go bullet proof for you! We can take a car and personalize it with a full equipped armored kit. Grand Auto Traders had sold over 2000 vehicles until now and developed a portfolio of more than 1500 satisfied customers.  We went on the market in all those transactions with the same idea: “buying in large quantity means selling non-expensive”.

As one of the greatest car dealers around the world, we have a special selling system.

The automotive field has a special mode of developing its selling processes. You must develop a special selling management system if you want to succeed in this market. You have to manage any kind of demand and to do that we have developed this system that helps us find your preferred vehicle, personalize it and deliver it at your door.

With all those years of experience on the market, Grand Auto Traders managed to implement and develop this system on a larger scale, founding Grand Motor Traders. Here you can find even aircrafts, bikes, military planes and boats for sale. Imagine how much we care about our customer needs. We want to deliver any kind of vehicle needed for driving and even special high risk situations.

So, in our inventory you can find complete vehicle fleets, fully equipped and ready to be driven to their limits.

Our mission, as car dealers, is to deliver all kinds of vehicles available on the market, offering not only classic cars, but personalized outfit as well, at the best price on the automotive market. We promise that we will try the best to keep that position on the market as much as possible.

We are recommended by our promoted values:

  • Authenticity – We act with integrity and fairness
  • Sustainable development – We always try new things and we value originality
  • Unity – We always cooperate and we believe in teamwork
  • Success shared with others – Satisfaction of our customers and collaborators are our main goals

Relying on those qualities we like to develop business relations that bring us profit and bring satisfaction to our network of clients and partners.

If you would like to enjoy this beautiful and successful network or you want some more details about our activity and products, just contact us HERE!

Do not forget! We work only with some of the greatest car dealers and manufacturers in the whole world, and we can personalize and deliver you any kind of car that you wish.

Drive your pleasure! 

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