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GAT – Right Hand Drive Cars (RHD)

As a start, and as you probably know, a right hand drive vehicle is a type of car that has its steering wheel on the right side, being designed for drive in countries such as Britain, Japan and Australia where, of course, people drive on the left side of the road.

Now, let’s move to the part that is both yours and our interest – meaning the fact that we can deliver any brand of vehicle with competitive prices for the related markets. To be more specific, we, Grand Auto Traders, can supply and deliver to your dealership any brand of right hand drive vehicles, in exceptional conditions and at a price that would definitely compete with the markets that deal usually with this type of vehicles.


Why would you choose a right hand drive car?

Why would you choose a right hand drive car? Well, on one hand, if you find yourself in one of the aforementioned countries you might choose to drive their roads according to their law, thus driving on the left side of the road. But right hand driving is also considered better when it comes to safety and convenience. For example, in RHD cars with a manual transmission, the driver’s right hand – 90% of the world population is right-handed, making it the better-performing one- is on the steering wheel and not on the gearstick, and thus the driver’s time of reaction is shorter, better than it would be if he was driving a left hand drive car.


Contact US as soon as possible!

Therefore, either you find yourself in one of those countries, case in which it would be better for you to have a car designed for drive on the left side of the road – a right hand drive car – or you just take into consideration that a right hand drive car is much safer and convenient for you, don’t hesitate and give us a call – why?

Because, once more, we can supply your stock with any brand of right hand drive car, at a competitive price and in the conditions a car should be shipped to destination – the best!

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