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Dongfeng Collaboration


We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with  Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise CO. Ltd.

This is a huge step in our business relations and in our continued growth. Thank you for your support and trust!

With open mind, global perspective, strengthen with foreign famous enterprises and domestic industry leading enterprises of the joint venture cooperation during the recent years, and now our cooperating manufacturing base covering the concrete mixing station, cranes, wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts, road rollers, farm tractors and agricultural machinery, and other wide range and variety of products series, with high quality, excellent service marketing strategy, we have been in the international business with significant market share.

Our products has exported to Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, Nigeria, Djibouti, Sudan, Congo, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, Fiji, Cuba, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia Dominica, Hati, Peru and so on more than 60 countries since the establishment. 

Adhering to the Mid-south Enterprise culture, stand the forefront, the spirit of “Focus on high quality Commercial& passenger vehicles and Construction& agriculture Machinery, to provide satisfactory services to optimize the quality of life, the harmony between man and nature” of the corporate mission, adhere to the “care everyone Care for every service ” as business philosophy, dedicated to the pursuit of quality management, quality level, Zhengzhou Dongfeng South Enterprise Co., Ltd., is a positive growth for sustainable development of the modern automobile and machinery export enterprises.

Looking to the future, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise Co., Ltd will enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises as a goal, the international Combination of cooperation and self-development, adjust and optimize the product structure and industrial structure, enhance the whole value chain, comprehensive competitiveness, according to “sound operation, the harmonious development of the domestic economy to become the main force of exports of vehicles and machinery, automobile companies trustworthy long-term partner, Mid-south enterprise cause of a stable and harmonious development of the enterprise “development strategy, efforts to the domestic first-class, with the core competitiveness of the export business forward!

The Connotation Of ” Concern and Love For Every One ” are : Care For The Employee is Mainly Embodied In People-oriented Ideas, Constantly Provide Personal Development Space and Stage For Employees; Concern Lies in Constantly Creating Value For Shareholders; Care of Partners are Mainly Common Development and Achieve a Win-win Situation; Concern For Users, Mainly Reflected in Meet Their Individual Needs and Services; Care To Society, Mainly in All Kinds of Responsibility To Society.

The Connotation Of “Care For Every Vehicle” are: To Satisfy Customers Personalized Requirements are Mainly in the sales; To Keep Improving and Ensure The Quality Of The Finished Product In The Process Of Production; To Considerate and Take Good Care Of Users in The After-sales Link.

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