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Check out our newest limited offer – Toyota Prado 2.7 Petrol

The new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (Toyota Prado 2.7 Petrol), besides the impressive and somehow refreshing facelift, comes equipped with many features that will make your trip over the mountaintops much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Limited Offer – Toyota Prado 2.7 Petrol

Stay with us as we present you the Toyota Prado 2.7 Petrol fuelled, and see if it is one of the 300 cars that we – Grand Auto Traders – can offer, per year, in the very best conditions one can and must get from an auto trader that respects itself and its customers as well.

We’ll start off with its design and its key features when it comes to looks – the first thing to catch your eye before looking under the hood. The Toyota Prado has, as pinpointed by Toyota itself, a “naturally dynamic presence”, given by its 4DW aspect which empowers the overall look of the car and strengthens the commanding exterior, all of which help the Prado to being impressive and eye-catching in the rough terrain you will surely expose it to.

The next thing that characterizes the Toyota Prado 2.7 Petrol is the technology it has equipped. Practicality is given to the Prado by the fact that the instrument panel is easy to use, but also has a sophisticated design. Also, keeping in mind the astonishing design of the Prado, the makers have selected the materials for their textural qualities, so to make technology comfortable and not out of place while grouping the switches within easy reach throughout the cabin – comfort visualized.

Now we get to what it the most important part in a car – safety; and Toyota Prado does not fail at this chapter. Its multiple models include multiple airbags that will definitely protect you in case of a collision while the active safety features enhance the feeling of a safe drive, features that include traction control and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). Also, as the vehicle is a large one, the rear parking sensors will help you when backing for parking and some of the models the Prado comes in have equipped a rear view camera as well.

Specs of Toyota Prado 2.7 Petrol

And now, for the interesting part – the specifications; the things that make the car run and feel so smooth from behind the steering wheel. So, we begin with the most important feature, the engine, a 2.7L, 4-cylinder in-line DOHC with a capacity of 2,693 cc, a compression ratio of 9.6, fuelled by petrol, as stated in the title of this article. It has a 6-speed automatic transmission, a torque of 3800 rpm, and it is suitable, of course, for a 4×4 full-time terrain. The fuel tank capacity is of 87 litres; the vehicle has a gross weight of 2,510 kg, 3 or 5 doors with a seating capacity of 5.

Among the interior features we can find manual air conditioning with air vents, central locking, and leather-trimmed steering wheel for that smooth feeling when you grip the wheel before a turn, fabric seats, power steering, and power windows and push start button.

Also, since we know what you want and care about your safety, here are some more details about the safety system; such as anti-lock brake system (ABS), brake assist (BA), child restraint system, dual front/ sides/ curtains/ knee airbags, tire pressure monitoring system and front parking sensors.

With all this being said, we can admit that the Toyota Prado 2,7 (petrol) is a proficient land cruiser that will definitely give you and your family a smooth ride across the 4×4 terrain you will choose to drive on during your holiday and not only.

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