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Bentley – a new standard of elegance

Bentley is one of the most stylish cars in the world today. It’s elegance and sumptuousness makes it comparable with Rolls Royce or Maybach. Bentley is owned by Wolkswagen Group, but it was owned by Rolls Royce too over the years.

From the moment that the first Bentley engine was born, in 1919, the company has explored the limits of power, performance and craftsmanship, building one of the most famous vehicle brands in the world.

From the biggest performance and luxury of gestures, to the smallest details, Bentley built history towards time. Judging by that, Bentley is the most sought after luxury car brand in the world. So, all this things made United Kingdom to take Bentley as an example of high-value manufacturing and also as an example of expertise and unique cutting-edge technology.
So Bentley is nowadays one of the classic British cars. You can see them all over the streets in the UK

Bentley Motors delivered a record of 11,023 cars in 2016, with a 56 per cent growth in Europe, 16 per cent up in the UK, but still the United States of America are the biggest selling regions for the exclusive brand.

Bentley in Romania

In Romania the brand is not so well imprinted in the collective mentality as a vehicle option. And that’s because it’s price. Not anybody can afford a car like this, talking about any kind of model from the Bentley inventory.

In Romania Bentley presented the newest invention: Bentley Bentayga, in March, last year. This is the world’s most expensive SUV. It’s price reaches 310.000 euro, and the SUV is absolutely outrageous.  Bentayga has 608 hp under the hood and accelerates from 0-100 km per hour in 4 seconds.  It can speed up to 301 km/h.

In Romania were made 9 pre-orders for this car in the last year. So, even the Romanian market has the taste for the most powerful, fastest and the most expensive SUV in the world.

You can have this car too. At Grand Auto Traders we have the opportunity to bring it to you at your demand. We have a great inventory at the lowest price on the market. So we can bring a Bentley for you anytime you want. If you want this kind of car, any type of model, you should contact us.

Another reason for which Bentley is totally awesome – The Project of the world’s most extraordinary car photography

At 104 meters wide, Bentley has pushed the boundaries of luxury and attention to details and made a photo of the new Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase. But that wasn’t only a photo, it was a 53 billion pixels panorama.

You can see it here, on the official site of Bentley.  Just zoom on it and it will blow your mind. The creative idea and the attention on which they have focused, shows us once again why Bentley is a super-premium brand, recognized for quality worldwide.

You can check here more details about the project and the way that this photo was possible.

So, if you are clear that this brand of vehicle is truly a treasure and you would like to put it to your collection of luxury cars, contact us and we can arrange the next details and the whole process of getting you closer and closer more to the car, until you take possession of the chosen model.

If you want to convince yourself even more of what you are about to buy, watch this video!



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