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Armoured Personnel Carriers – Discover APC Phantom 2!

Quoting the manufacturer, it’s easy to build the armoured personnel carriers you want, just call the specialist, and from what we see on the ISOTREX’s Phantom 2 version of the 4×4 B6 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) we know for sure these guys do their job and our protection is always of paramount importance.

Now, let’s see what this armoured beast is hiding, both under its hood and under its classy looks and present every feature and characteristic that makes it a true armoured personnel carrier.

Specs of APC Phantom 2

First of all, under the very hood, the APC Phantom 2 has a 6.7 L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine – capable of 300 horsepower at 2,800 rpm, making it quite hard to catch if the APC would be put up to a chase, but it does has several countermeasures if it comes to this and we will talk about them shortly. The engine’s dimensions are W – 2,240 mm, L – 6,250 mm, H – 2,600 mm with a wheelbase of 3,567 mm.

The AWD (all-wheel-drive) drive configuration is a system present on the APC Phantom 2, system that works to get power to the wheels with the most traction by splitting torque between the front and rear axles on the centre differential, and to individual wheels by way of the front and rear differentials. It also features a 257L fuel capacity (Diesel fuel type), 8 seats (2 + 6) and an automatic, electronically controlled transmission, as well as a heavy duty reinforced components suspension.

Now, moving on to the features that make the Phantom 2 and APC, and that probably manage to redefine the APC genre, we start easy with 2 units of automatic AC (front & rear) and… we step it up with 8 gun ports (3 on the left, 3 on the right and 2 on the rear), run flat tire devices, with a very useful ballistic steel-case fuel tank protection, as useful as the heavy duty front and rear ram bumpers.

It also features PROTEK Crew Seats with 5 Point Restraint System from TEK Military Seating, characterized by an impact absorbing head rest cage, foot rest with fold away option, head rest with fold down option for window and gun port access – which includes full blast mitigation as well.

Camera view in your armuored car!

Furthermore, a rear view camera with display is present, a self-recovery winch and a roof mounted escape hatch.

The aforementioned characteristics are part of the standard equipment of the APC Phantom 2. The optional equipment includes independent suspension, a CTIS (central tire inflation system), a FLIR driver aid system, a Blastek floor mat, an astonishing roof mounted 360-degree turret with perimeter protection, a navigation system and an automatic fire suppression system.

Therefore, we can safely say that the ISOTREX’s Phantom 2 provides best in class mission diversity, mobility and payload for a B6 Armoured Personnel Carrier – as well as the possibility to customize the vehicle for purpose because of the 5 door configuration, the 360 degrees gun turret and the two/ three escape hatches.

As previously mentioned, the Phantom 2 Armoured Personnel Carrier makes use of every single characteristic to show you that, for the vehicle itself, the safety and security of its passengers is of paramount importance.

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