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Race Ready


How should it feel the sensation of a crazy getaway in your favorite roadrunner? Ask yourself and then contact us for the perfect answer! You can find that answer in our wide range of race-ready cars, built for performance and for your extreme pleasure.

Family Oriented


4 doors and 4 wheels is not enough for a car to claim your respect. Driving is about pleasure, about comfort and long-term memories with loved ones. Driving is about creating bonds and embracing happiness. Enjoy all those moments with a special vehicle build for your family!

Muscle Cars


Feeling the horsepower of your car was never easier than now. Drive your way with a beautiful muscle car and feel the power of a high-performance engine in your hands! The torque of a fiercely wild mustang is now closer than ever. Try it for good!

armored car
Armored Vehicles


Ready for war or not, our full range of Armored Cars is waiting for you. Feel free to personalize any kind of vehicle and convert it into a real-deal military car. Explore the features of any car in this range and modify it as you wish for a full blasting experience!

Classic Cars


Old school is never bad when it comes to cars. A classic car is catchier than anything. Imagine yourself as a driver of one of those automotive jewels. How would it feel? Come and try the experience with a classic car found in our inventory! It will be priceless.



In order to satisfy any offer and accomplish our mission of auto traders, we provide you even a wide range of trucks. We are truly present for any professional driver and we love to encourage a long trip aboard a beautiful giant.

Best Offers

We grew up and developed a business based on our professional Know-How: Buying in large quantity means selling non-expensive.

Proven Results

More than 2000 cars sold and about 1500 clients. 100% customer satisfaction.

Unique Experience

We are here to offer you a way for enjoying a unique experience! For 20 years that was our main concern.

Top Performance

We offer a wide range of cars for any type of customer. We have the best price on the market – take it as it is!


For the past 20 years we have driven contentment in the souls of our clients, proving the efficiency and performance in automotive.

Based on values like authenticity, sustainability, unity and customer orientation we managed to establish long time partnerships with a lot of companies with experience and reputation in the field, and we also succeeded in offering quality at the very best price. We developed long time relationships with our partners, actively involving in supporting automotive causes.

We have offers available for any car and we are proud of having the best prices on the market, because of a good and professional know-how developed in time. Between the years in automotive field, we have proven that our business has a well defined goal: the satisfaction of our clients and partners.

We bring value to our partners in return of loyalty and this relation help us make any car accessible to any customer, offering us a chance to develop strong and well based relations with our clients.

In those 20 years we learned that business is about making people happy and offering performance and professionalism in our field. We have proven our expertise with results, selling over 2000 cars and creating unique experiences to our customers.

We are here to make you fall in love with automotive: DRIVE YOUR PLEASURE!





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